Shanghai Hengbin Electrical Co., Ltd.

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Company profile

Shanghai Hengbin Electrical Co., Ltd. is a company with more than 10 years experience of supply good quality electrical products in voltage range 0,4 - 40.5 kV.


Our team consists of skilled engineers from Europe and Asia in the field of designing switchgears, cabinets and it's components. Our sales managers, always ready to meet customer's demands of any difficulties and give quick feedback. Our logistics department is always ready to offer the shortest delivery period for a customer anywhere in the world.

Our suppliers and manufacturers have the following production facilities:

- Epoxy resin casting workshop, Insulator production area

- Switchgear assembly workshop

- Milling and lathe workshop

- Testing laboratory


Having good production possibilities of our partners, our company can produce and supply the following goods:

- Switchgear cabinets of any type

- Epoxy insulators (Post insulators, Bushings, Contact boxes, Capacitive insulators)

- Vacuum circuit breakers

- Disconnectors

- Load-break switches

- Earthing switches

- Contact systems (Quincunx contacts, Static contacts, Contact arms)

- Other Switchgear components

Having a high reputation as a good supplier for electrical products, our company is aimed to produce and sell good and stable quality products all over the world.