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Indoor Medium Voltage Earthing switch, type EK6-12


     EK6-12 series Indoor Medium Voltage Earthing switch (ES) is used in Indoor Medium Voltage Switchgears for electrical networks with 3-phase AC current with rated voltage 12 kV rated frequency 50/60 Hz.Earthing switch is equipped with spring tumbler operating mechanism, which allows to proceed with ON/OFF operations independent from the maintenance staff speed. Opposite to JN15-12, Earthing switch EK6-12 doesn't have post insulators and static contacts already installed on the ES frame. Force transmission from ES Operating mechanism to ES EK6-12 is proceeded with bevel gear. For visible control of ON/OFF position, the ES is equipped with position marker. ES operating mechanism is equipped with auxiliary switches for using it's signals in secondary control circuits. Earthing switch can be equipped both manual and motor operating mechanism. In case of motor operating mechanism, ES can also be operated manually. ES operating mechanism is equipped with all necessary interlocks, including chassis cart draw in/out interlock. Optionally ES operating mechanism can be equipped with door interlock and electric magnet interlocks.

Enterprise mode           

Example: Indoor Medium Voltage Earthing Switch type EK6 rated voltage 12 kV, rated short current 31,5 kA, distance between phases 210 mm, manual operating mechanism EK6-12/31,5-210. In case of motor operating mechanism, the same ES will be - EK6-12/31,5-210-M.

Technical parameters 

  Name Unit Parametr
1 Rated voltage kV 12
2 Rated short-time withstand current, 1 sec kA 20; 25; 31,5; 40
3 Rated peak withstand current kA 81
4 1 min industrial frequency voltage withstand kV 42
5 Lightning impulse kV 75
6 Electrical impedance mOhm 300
7 Mechanical durability (ON-OFF total cycles) cycles 1000
8 Distance between phases* mm 150; 210; 275
9 Lifetime years 30

   * - Parameters, which can be customized by customer



On request, operating mechanism parts can be customized according to customer's sizes. Optionally, operating mechanism can be equipped with door interlock, back panel interlock and electromagnet interlock, which layouts can be sent on request. All ES and Operating mechanism parts can be supplied separately. For ES models with distance between phases 150 mm, set of supply includes 2 pcs plastic insulating separators, which shall be installed between ES contacts.

Installation sizes