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Voltage indicators


            Voltage indicators are designed for indicating the availability of voltage on Switchgear busbars in a range of 6 to 110 kV. It also can be used for phasing adjustment of power cable junctions. Set of voltage indicator includes capacitive post insulators (voltage sensors) and indicator display. Conceptually, capacitive insulator together with indicator display work as voltage divider. Also voltage indicator can be supplied with Tester for phasing adjustment.

Capacitive insulators

            Capacitive insulators (voltage sensors) are used for controlling the existance of voltage on busbars connected to them in a voltage range of 6 to 110 kV AC current frequency 50 Hz of systems with insulated or grounded neutral through extinguishing reactor. The insulator are designed for indoor installation in a non-hazardous, fire-safe housing, which doesn't contain agressive gases or vapors, which can damage insulation. Structurally the sensors are realized as an epoxy (polymer) post insulators with embedded capacitor inside it.  The sensors can also be used as a post insulators for supporting busbars in switchgear cabinets and devices.






Displays are made for visible indication of voltage existance in busbars in a range of 6 to 110 kV. It also can provide the following functions:

Displays model 4,5,6 - 3 phase LED indicator for visible indication of voltage existance, doesn't need additional power supply.

Displays model 3 - 3 phase LED indicator has built-in relay with one set of contacts, which can also be used for switchgear interlocks and for remote control. Relay contacts are opened when both conditions take place: high voltage existance on busbars and additional power supply is ON. If even 1 of 3 phases is out of voltage, relay contacts become closed.

Displays can be installed in the front panel of the switchgear cabinet in rectangular notch. Each type of Displays has it's own sizes, marked in it's layout.

Technical parameters:

Rated frequency: 50 Hz 
At Uo <10% Un indication is OFF
At Uo> 20% Un low indication
At Uo> 40% Un normal indication
Length of connection wires: 1-12 m 
Additional power supply voltage (for displays model 3): 48V, 60V, 110V, 220V DC / 110V, 220V AC
Relay contacts parameters: 8A, 250V / AC
Protection level: IP42 (IP54) 
Types of capacitors inside sensors: 10 or 40pF (for 40.5kV), 60pF (for 24 kV), 120pF (for 12kV)


Testers VI-T is used for phasing adjustments and Display lamp testing. Tester is a cable with 2 pcs plugs, with indicator lamp in one of the plugs. Normal cable length is 2 m.